Charles Pycraft



I have an extensive background and expertise in photojournalism, and content creation; capturing insights, perspectives, and stories that shape our world.

PR Photography

I'm not just a photographer with a good eye – I'm a visual storyteller. My images go beyond pretty pictures; they're crafted to instantly convey a brand's message and make their story irresistible to everyone. Give me a subject, and I'll masterfully use light and composition to draw out the genuine emotion that resonates. I'm a visual journalist for PR, always hunting for that unique, captivating perspective that brings a campaign to life in a single shot.

Fashion Photography

I'm not just a photographer with a lens – I'm a trend translator. My images don't just capture clothing; they ignite desire and embody the spirit of a collection. I collaborate with models and stylists, understanding how light, pose, and composition can elevate fabric and form into an aspirational moment. I have an eye for detail and a deep understanding of fashion, ensuring my photos become the visual language that sells a brand's aesthetic.


I'm not just a photographer with a fast shutter – I'm a master of the candid moment. My images unveil the real stories behind the headlines, those fleeting glimpses of a celebrity's true self. I understand the delicate dance of distance and timing, blending into the background yet always ready to capture that unguarded expression. I operate with precision and speed, always seeking the unexpected angle or detail that makes a photo sizzle with intrigue.


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